In a dramatic revelation, Adani’s own independent expert witness, Dr Jerome Fahrer, admitted that the mine and railway will not produce the 10,000 jobs Adani has consistently trumpeted in its public statements, but only 1,464 net per annum – or roughly 15% of Adani’s claim.

The admission by Adani’s expert to the Land Court that the Carmichael coal project will produce roughly 85% less jobs than it has asserted in public statements substantially alters the ratio of costs to benefits.

Adani’s jobs numbers were wildly exaggerated to give the misleading impression of a jobs bonanza to offset the risks of this dangerous mine.

The true jobs figures, which this court case has forced Adani to reveal, change the equation and represent roughly 8,536 broken promises to the workers of Queensland.

What’s astounding is that that only last week Adani continued to promote 10,000 jobs.

More evidence will be heard on this tomorrow when The Australia Institute’s  Richard Denniss takes the stand.