Galilee Basin

The South Galilee Coal project is located about 12km southwest of Alpha township in the southern Galilee Basin. It would produce up to 17 million tonnes per year and operate for an estimated 33 years1.

The project is owned by a joint venture between Australian exploration company Bandanna Energy and private equity firm AMCI Capital.  Bandanna Energy is currently in administration2.  The proponents put the cost of developing the project at $4.2 billion3.

AMCI is proposing the project be delivered in three stages. Stage one is the open-cut Epsilon stage, with the coal to be transported on the Central Western Railway for export through the Port of Gladstone4.

The South Galilee Project is the fifth major coal mine to be approved for the Galilee Basin. Graziers have called for a cumulative study to assess the combined impact of multiple coal mines on local groundwater5.

The Queensland Coordinator-General approved the project on 2 December 20146.  The project still has to receive the necessary federal approvals7.

For more information see the proponent’s project website, the Queensland Government South Galilee Project page, or the South Galilee Coal Environmental Impact Statement Executive Summary.

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