The Galilee Basin is home to a number of thermal coal and rail project proposals at various stages of development. The Queensland LNP Government under the leadership of Campbell Neman incentivised their development, including with the provision of subsidies through its Galilee Basin Development Strategy, which you can read here.

Project Proponent Location Export Quantity (Mtpa)
Alpha Coal Project GVK Hancock South Basin-40km north-west of Alpha 30
Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project Adani Group North Basin-160km north west of Clermont 60
Galilee (China First) Coal Project Waratah Coal South Basin-35km north-west of Alpha 40+
Kevin's Corner Project GVK South Basin-65km north-west of Alpha 30
China Stone Project MacMines AustAsia 300km west of Mackay 60
South Galilee Coal Mine AMCI and Bandanna Coal South Basin-12km south-west of Alpha 15-20
Degulla Coal Vale North Basin 20-45
Alpha West GVK Hancock South Basin 24
Alpha North Waratah Coal South Basin 40
Pentland Clyde Park and Hughendon Guildford Coal Far North Basin