At the end of last week, the case went ‘on country’.

The court travelled to key locations within the proposed mine area, and to locations outside the area that are part of each party’s argument.

As there was changes with the schedule regarding traditional owners, no on country evidence were heard, which means the court did not formally convene.

As such, no transcripts were taken, as this was a ‘site visit’.

The locations visited were the Doongmubulla Springs and Mellaluka Springs, the Carmichael River for Waxy Cabbage Palm, bore holes (HD03 and Shoemaker 1), and a geology outcrop.

The Great Barrier Reef and Climate Change 

Ove Hoegh Gouldberg, a prominent Reef scientist and Tony Fontes a local tourism operator gave evidence about the impact of the mine’s coal on the Reef.

We worked with media to get coverage on this issue.

Below are some of the highlights:

–       ABC sent TV to court

–       Seven Mackay

–       4BC in Brisbane

–       AAP story that ran widely:



Technical arguments relating to water:

Yesterday, Adani’s groundwater expert John Bradley took the stand.

Our court reporter, reported that it was “pretty boring”, with no shocking revelations emerging.

Key findings 

  • Geology in the region has been mapped internally. Expert witness agrees with the mapping;
  • No evidence to support any faults that would impact springs;
  • There is enough thickness in the coal seam for the groundwater max thickness is 137 meters;
  • Coal seams number in both creek beds and sandstone betts creek, whether coal extraction ration will cause draw down into water;
  • High or low primality waste water lagoon – separate and stop leakage;
  • Need .3 metres of thickness to stop leakage, 279 metres of thinkness in this mine, incredibly thick;
  • Drill holes – no faults under Doongambulla Springs that would contaminate the water;
  • Xenith report written by Dr Webb – several lines of evidence to suggest water is derived from aquifers. Fault in middle in carmichael mine, could allow upwardly flow Seams dip, middle is a fault;
  • Adani’s expert – believes the fault is to east of Doongambulla. About 20 Kms from mine;
  • Recommendations from the report suggest further work be done to understand fault. No suggestion of fault in the area of springs. Recommendations were acted upon;
  • Presence of smaller faults but less important for modelling, no evidence of faults from drilling under springs;
  • Great Artisan Basin water flows about surface because of pressure not a fault. flow rate does not support opinion that it’s cause is a fault;
  • If you have sediments laid down at the same time you may have a claystone in one area and sandstone in another area;
  • Groundwater runs along an aquifer;
  • Groundwater movement determined by hydraulic head – cross section the flow of water is determined by gradient – expert agrees that the water runs from left to right.