The Land Court of Queensland has today heard about the global scale of climate impacts from Adani’s proposed Carmichael Coal Mine, set to become the third largest operating thermal coal mine in the world.

During the Land Court hearing today both sides agreed that climate change is a significant issue, and CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are irreversible for the next millennium.

This mine will be responsible for emitting 14% of Australia’s annual CO2 emissions. Over the life of the mine that is 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon into the global atmosphere.

The Queensland and Australian Governments both agree, the impact from carbon pollution will be devastating for our way of life. Adani’s climate expert agrees, approaching 2oC warming will have significant impacts to Queensland, including:

  • a decline in the Great Barrier Reef
  • increased flooding and severe cyclones
  • increase in heat related deaths and disease
  • increased droughts, and
  • sea level rise.

Adani claimed the resulting CO2 emissions from the burning of the coal is not their responsibility because Adani Mining Pty Ltd is not burning the coal, and responsibility lies with the company and country doing so. Yet Adani also claim the Adani family owned and controlled power company is the primary intended recipient of the coal.