–        Adani’s mega-mine so far proposes to use up to 12.5 billion litres of water every year.

–        Adani may only pay roughly $625,000 for this water per year1.

–        A Brisbane resident would pay $107 million for the same amount of water each year.

–        Adani is likely to  impact an additional 14.8 billion litres per year through mine dewatering and stream diversions that may not be subject to any further usage charge.

Coast and Country have today slammed the amount of precious water that will be impacted by the Adani mega-mine, stating Queenslanders were basically giving away billions of litres of water every year to facilitate export of profits to India.

These figures show the risks the mine poses to downstream users which rely on water and the dangers it posed to the environment including million year old natural springs and river systems that drain into the Great Barrier Reef.

Derec Davies said it was unconscionable that this mine would be approved to use billions of litres of water, destroy natural springs, impact on the rivers that flow into the Great Barrier Reef and threaten the lifeblood of the Australian continent, water.

“This presents a huge risk to the economy of Queensland, as it directly threatens other uses for this water and the jobs and income what would be impacted by this mine.

“It is also deeply unfair. We are basically giving this water away and not making Adani pay comparable rates for it.

“Over the life of the mine for 12.5 billion litre water license Adani would pay roughly 1.28% of the cost a Brisbane household would pay.

“Adani is basically getting this water for free. Other water users, like people in Brisbane, would have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars each year for this water.

“Indian mining companies who threaten the climate, water and Great Barrier Reef – while exporting their profits, should not be allowed to get cut price deals on the water they use.

“While these costs of water use and interference are not part of our Land Court arguments, the remainder of our case will argue that this mine is all pain and no gain.”

“Australia’s water is its lifeblood. We are the driest continent on the planet.”

“We can’t just give this water away to a company who is mining for its own benefit, and where the people of Queensland are left with problems”, said Derec Davies.

  1. Unallocated water – Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Queensland