Coast and Country express concern presented by Adani’s mine after revelations in Court of investigation into unauthorised mining related activities.

Coast and Country’s case is that Adani’s Carmichael mine represents a danger to the environment and a risk to economic interests. So its concerning to hear they don’t adhere to all regulations.

Derec Davis said today that the court case revealed that Adani cuts corners when it removed material from a quarry that is currently being investigated by the Queensland Government

“The admission that they have undertaken mining related activities without necessary permission shows that they don’t comply with all regulations. It’s very concerning because it happened twice.

“Adani’s Carmichael mine present a danger to Queensland’s groundwater. The mine will use 12.5 billion litres of water every year. It may destroy natural springs, probably a millions years old.

“The mine presents a risk to the climate and the Great Barrier Reef, and the tourism industry which relies on it.

“These risks are unacceptable. Our case is that this mine should not be allowed to go ahead,” said Mr Davies.

EDO Qld CEO and Solicitor Jo-Anne Bragg said “During the opening day of the hearing witness Llewellyn Lezar, Adani operations manager, told the Land Court the Department of Agriculture and Forestry had found that Adani did not have a permit for actual use of material from the Red Hill Quarry for certain events in 2013.

“He said there was no fine or prosecution. Adani paid for materials used and for the costs of the investigation.

“Mr Lezar also said there was another investigation of Adani by the Department about current extraction from that same quarry that had not yet been finalised.

“This is the first we have heard about this issue and we are seeking details of the scale and impacts of non-compliance by Adani,” said Ms Bragg.