The case seeks to challenge approval of the world’s third largest coal mine. Coast and Country is arguing that the mine should not proceed, because:

  •  It presents dangers to the vital groundwater, surface water, rivers and ancient springs of the region
  •  It presents dangers to the climate, and threatens the Great Barrier Reef and the tourism industry that relies on it
  •  It puts at risk the local unique plants and animals, including the rare Black Throated Finch which may be pushed to extinction
  •  Adani does not have the necessary financial capacity to carry on mining, risking a stranded asset.

This is an enormous mine. It will cover over 400 square kms, almost four times the size of metro Brisbane. It will use hundreds of billions of litres of water. And it will threaten the entire world’s climate.

This mine was approved with the special treatment of the past Queensland government. This government gave the mining industry too much power.

Coast and Country’s Derec Davies will be the applicant on the five‐week hearing. The case will look at the environmental and economic impacts of this mine going ahead.

Today, Derec Davies said:

“Adani’s mine will be the third biggest coal mine in the world. It will emit more carbon pollution and will warm the world more than any other proposed development.

“This mine will have severe impacts on the Great Barrier Reef, will threaten the tourism industry in Queensland and will negatively impact the economy. The mine also threatens precious water resources and rare biodiversity.

“Our case will ask why this mine is allowed to threaten the Great Barrier Reef.

“Our case will seek to determine how this company can be allowed to proceed when it clearly lacks the financial viability to continue”, said Mr Davies.

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